Who’s on?

Most weeks are “Singers’ Nights” – with plenty of instrumental music as well – but we like to book guests too.

The club’s policy on booking Guests

This year, we're again looking to book a guest every five weeks or so. We've always been a strong singers’ club and the folk who attend like to participate. That's the essence of Kiveton Park. It will not become a 'concert' club where folk sit mute and open-gobbed at the feet of their particular idols. We also intend to keep admission charges as low as possible. That can't be done if we book the latest divas and folk icons. Their fees would be prohibitive and you'd have to re-mortgage the house to pay entrance! We will continue booking guests who provide value for a reasonable fee, engage well with the audience, and do the kind of stuff that folk can relate to and join in with.

Spoil the Dance (feature spot)

10th May

A welcome return visit from our friends Gaynor, Steve, Sally and Charlie. They have recently completed their third CD “Returning Home”, and we look forward to being entertained with a selection of great songs beautifully sung by Gaynor (mainly) and lively tunes played on a whole range of instruments. Don’t miss them.

28th June

Rare Occasion

Rare Occasion were originally booked for 2020 but we then went into lockdown…

The combination of the fantastic voice of Judy Dunlop, the sensitive fiddle of Nigel Corbett and the superb guitar and cittern of Jon Scaife will produce a great evening of songs and tunes from a variety of traditions.

You will love it.