Some of our music

We produced a recording of our 40th Birthday Bash on 13 March 2010. The triple CD is now out of print, but listen to the entire recording here (57 songs, about four hours of music!).

Note - make sure you leave the final track running to the bitter end if you want to hear our late founder member Ernie Sissons, recorded in 2001 singing “Gossip John”.

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Kiveton Park Folk Club at 40 - sleeve notes from the triple CD

“40th Anniversary Bash”

The day brought a full house to Kiveton. From early afternoon people had to listen from the verandah as the main room was full. The music was varied - floor spots; dances and songs from Lord Conyers Morris Men; instrumental sessions from Desperate Measures and their friends (an 11-piece band!); and fifteen-minute spots given by four of our past and present organisers. Ten special guest performers were also invited because of their significant contributions over the years to the vibrant folk scene we all enjoy in South Yorkshire. We thank them all and send out our best wishes to the clubs they represent.

Songs ranged from Irish to English to American and even Canadian; from traditional to very contemporary; from Tams to MacColl; from humorous to deadly serious. All were there in plenty and well delivered, with great chorus joining-in when required. This 3 CD set captures 57 songs and tunes from that day.

As a final song there was an inevitable return for the traditional finisher used for years at Kiveton - The Leaf.  Jack Grace, Pete Garratt and Ken Atkinson joined current and long-time stalwarts Roy Bunting and Andy Ducker to give a spirited rendering of this traditional "Copper-Song".

The great day came to an end after over eleven hours of pretty well non-stop song and music. Where else could such a day happen in an "ordinary" folk club but at Kiveton?

How do we do it? Well, our team of regular supporters makes a huge contribution to our success. At the comfortable and cosy Cricket Club, the club prospers. There are often close to twenty performers on a Tuesday night and everyone gets a chance to show off! Some of them are even quite good...

Sadly one of our founder members and long-standing supporter of the club, John Wells, passed away as this CD was in preparation. You can hear him in good voice on Disc Two, singing The Kerry Recruit.